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Fixed Catalog Filter

Note that in the original project search page maps@awi, the top-right corner contains filters for Projects and Regions for specified categories. Hover over them to access a list then click on one and the filter will be applied in the left panel search area.

AWIMAPS Projects

Information Tab

The project information tab is the default start-up panel that provides a description of the project. Where available, the logo can be clicked which directs to the source project homepage. The keywords also contain a hyperlink which directs to a data search web page on the keyword at Any other light-blue wording can be clicked to open a separate webpage for further information about the project.

Map Content Tab

The legend layers tab contains the dynamic map content which can be toggled on or off for display on the map. The small arrow to the left of the checkboxes shows the legend symbols when clicked. To obtain additional relevant information about each legend item, click on the layer information icon to the right of the layer (hover above the information button for a pop-up layer name).


Depending on the project, there may be filters applied to each legend layer, i.e., date and time, parameter, or depth filters. These filters may not be set for every layer, so make sure to use the information icon to check if the layer has a filter. When there is a sliding bar, there are multiple ways to switch between the data: the bar itself can be clicked, held and dragged, the plus or minus icons can be clicked or once the bar is click the keyboard right and left arrows can be used. If a small arrow pointing down exists beside the information icon, this will minimize the legend layers or filters out of view.

Contact Tab

Click on the contacts tab for a list of project authors, including the GIS personnel involved in the technical development. In some projects there is a 4th tab. Click on the partners tab for a list of project partners.


The icons next to the left panel contain the tools to further help navigate the map area and provide additional mapping information. To zoom into the map use the icon or the mouse scroll button. The globe icon will automatically zoom to the whole data extent when clicked and the box area icon will allow you to drag a box around the intended area for zooming in. Note that to exit the box zoom, the icon must be clicked again. When the share icon is clicked a link will pop-up for the current view. Simply copy the link to share it with colleagues (choose OK when finished). To measure between features hover over the measure icon and click on “Create a new measurement”, then click on the map at the desired location and click again to obtain the measurement. To continue for an area, simply continue to click. The last point clicked (in degrees, minutes, seconds and decimal degrees), the path distance (in meters) and the area (in square meters) will be shown.

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